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Welcome to the StyleTread Tumblr page. We are an online shoe retailer based in Sydney. We stock a huge range of designer women's shoes, men's shoes, and kid's shoes. Visit the StyleTread website!

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Forget Roses, Give Me Magentas, Wines and Burgundys for Valentine’s Day



MAGENTA: Such a vibrant colour should be paired with another. So wear your magenta heels with bright yellows and blues. The platform on these magenta heels are going to make your legs look awesome so be sure to show them off!

 WINE: Pair your wine coloured heels with other dark colours. Blacks , browns and dark shades of red, yellow and orange compliment wine well. If you’re struggling then choose one of the colours I just mentioned and pair them with a black skirt.

 BURGUNDY: Matching burgendy may seem a little daunting but it looks best with navy or cream pastel colours. I know they are two different sides of the spectrum but I call em how I see em.

 CORAL: Aqua looks great when matched with coral. Colour block the two for a on the trend look. If you’re going to work wear your coral heels, a light aqua top and slacks. You’ll be stylish and professional!


 Source blog.styletread.com.au